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At Alford Air, your comfort is important. That is why we are open late and on the weekends. For over 40 years, Alford Air Conditioning has been the NUMBER ONE air conditioning company for Jupiter and Tequesta. Our team of Cooling Specialists are NOT PAID on commission, so you can be assured that they are only there for one reason - to get you comfortable, fast.



In-Duct Air Purification System Kills 99% of SARS-CoV-2 ( COVID19) in the Air and on Surfaces

$150 off an RGF Halo Air Purification System for your home.

  • This holiday season gives the gift of clean air and heath with the ONLY AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM proven to KILL 99% of the COVID19 Virus.
  • The REM-HALO in-duct air UV purifier is trusted by hospitals, as being the best solution available to combat these particles in your air.
  • Killing 99% of most germs, bacteria, and viruses in the air in your home.
  • Reduces allergens, dust, dander, and smoke

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