Residential Maintenance

Alford Air Conditioning has partnered with the leading A/C manufacturers and we agree that all A/C systems should be maintained at least twice every year. Lack of maintenance can result in poor indoor air quality, system breakdown, and equipment or home damage.

$228 Two maintenance visits per year for 1st system

$145 For each additional system

We will inspect, check, and service the following: operating condition, electrical components, electrical connections, system pressure, clean/treat condensate line, change/clean filters (if provided), air handler insulation, fan belts (if equipped), thermostat, heater, air cleaner (if equipped), and UV light (if equipped). Save 10% on all repairs. Save 5% on equipment replacement. $30 off inspection & diagnostic (normally $95): an on-site inspection from a manufacturer trained technician with a fully-stocked vehicle.