Marine Air Conditioning

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Keep Cool When Setting Sail

Nothing beats the fresh, cooling breeze flowing freely through your vessel while underway. We know all too well that when at dock or anchor, it’s a different story. With the sun beating down, you can avoid the discomfort of being below deck with little to no moving air, bugs flying through open doors or hatches, hot engines, and rising humidity with Marine Air Conditioning solutions from Alford.

Proper cooling and heating systems will cool, dehumidify, and clean the cabin and common area’s environment, providing clean, cool, air. Alford Air Conditioning proudly provides marine air conditioning solutions for boats from 20 to 150+ feet.

Life on Board is Better With Cool Air

Whether your vessel has chilled water or direct expansion systems, we can repair, replace, or design and install any system. We can flush, repair, or replace the cooling loop, including pumps and hoses. We also perform routine maintenance to prevent easily avoidable nuisance failures.

Let Alford Air Conditioning design a maintenance program to keep your vessel’s AC system running smoothly. Ask us about our Cruising Comfort Survival Parts Kits and instructions, customized to your boat’s cooling and heating system and designed to keep you prepared for emergency repairs, even when on the water.

Ice Maker

Serve chilled drinks on board with ease. We install, repair, and service many brands of ice makers found on boats and yachts.


Regardless of boat type or make/model of your refrigerator, our crew provides installation and repair services with impeccable expertise and professionalism.

Air Conditioning

Complete air conditioning services for sailboats, yachts, and most cabins. We service all marine HVAC systems, providing top tier installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance.

Air Quality

Improve the air quality of your vessel's indoor spaces for you, your guests, and crew. Alford offers superb air purification system installation, repair, and service for boats of all sizes.