Residential Installation

There are 5 major expenses that a person will encounter in their lifetime. They are a home, children, a car, your education, and heating and air conditioning. You simply cannot have a home without conditioned air. So purchasing an air conditioner should not be taken lightly. Some believe that buying an A/C system is like car shopping...NOT TRUE! The same car at two different dealerships is still the same car, just a different price. Air Conditioning systems are different; they are ONLY as good as the company that installs them. All air conditioning manufacturers will agree that almost all equipment failure is a direct result of bad installation practices.

Alford Air Conditioning invests an enormous amount of time and money every year on intense training for all employees. This means that you can rely on Alford Air to install a quality product in your home that will continue to provide you with excellent service year after year. We continue to set the benchmark for excellence. Want proof? Call us today or stop by and we will show you what makes us better than the rest (you can speak directly with the owner, Mark Alford).

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