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Take Control of your Home with a
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The ecobee Pro4 comes standard with all compatible new
Residential Air Conditioners

Meet Ecobee 4 Pro

A diagram displaying what all of the features and lights are on the Ecobee 4 Pro
Ecobee Pro 4

Meet the All New Ecobee 4 Pro

Pioneering a new generation of thermostats.

  • Room sensor to help manage hot or cold spots
  • Comes with built-in Amazon Alexa Voice Service
  • Ask it to order groceries, read the news, and more
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Getting Started with your New Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Now that one of Alford Air Conditioning Ecobee Professionals has installed your new smart thermostat we want to provide you with some great resources and guided videos to help you maximize all that the Ecobee has to offer. This first video will help you get familiar with how the smart thermostat works.

Geofencing youtibe video


Smart Recovery youtibe video

Smart Recovery

Enable Amazon Alexa youtibe video

Enable Amazon Alexa

Control AC with Alexa youtibe video

Control AC with Alexa

Apple HomeKit Setup youtibe video

Apple HomeKit Setup

Setup Schedule youtibe video

Setup Schedule

Home/Away youtibe video


Pair with a Room Sensor youtibe video

Pair with a Room Sensor

Follow Me youtibe video

Follow Me

Saving up to 23%* on your heating or cooling costs is just the beginning.

Warm or cool your home from anywhere. Simple.

whole home voice

The home of the future is the one that listens
and responds

Heating and cooling account for up to 63% of light-commercial energy usage. With ecobee, you can monitor and control your commercial building’s HVAC system and automate ancillary devices—all at a fraction of the price of a Building Automation System.